Infidelity Investigation

Along with the rising use of computer and mobile devices that provide welcome convenience in our work and personal lives, these tools are also contributing to increased opportunities for husbands or wives to cheat on their partners. Not only has technology, i.e. the Internet, made it easier to initiate physical trysts but it has also created a new phenomenon, the online affair.

It’s almost impossible to communicate or travel to meet others without leaving an electronic record behind somewhere, by either party. Identifying and possessing those artifacts can dispel any attempts to deny or confuse once confronted.

Get the Evidence

The smart place to start when you suspect a cheating partner is to employ the services of qualified technical experts in digital forensics who can discreetly uncover the traces of infidelity on any type of digital device or storage media. Without hard evidence, questioning or confronting your partner typically results in firm denials and the partner taking stronger steps to hide their activity.

Secure Data Recovery Services’ digital forensics staff are superbly trained and equipped to discover and extract the evidence of a virtual or physical affair that you need to make objective decisions about your relationship. They are certified in advanced forensics technologies and procedures that can overcome the best efforts to hide evidence of an affair.

Storage Media Erasure

Our digital forensic capabilities can detect, gather and preserve evidence even in cases where the device user thinks it is inaccessible via deletion, obfuscation or encryption. The digital evidence trail is typically long and voluminous:

Additionally, a timeline composed of these digital artifacts and actions performed are constructed to complete the picture and add weight to your case.

The Best Training, Facilities and Track Record

At Cloud2Networks our mission in all our data-related services is to benefit our customers with a highly-trained staff, state-of-the-art labs and the best tools and technologies available.

Our computer and mobile forensic experts possess prized industry certifications for their forensic knowledge and skills. We are able to extract information from any type of device from PCs to smartphones to servers. We work with all kinds of storage media including hard drives, solid-state drives, memory cards, USB flash drives, SIM cards, peripheral memory and so on. We boast an over-96% data recovery rate including damaged media.

Be Aware of the Signs, Then Call Us

If you feel something is not right with your relationship, look for concrete signs of spousal cheating:

Our Customer Care Team Is Here to Help

If these or other signs are keeping you up at night, before you make accusations, make a confidential call to our well-trained customer service staff to discuss what investigative steps can be taken. They are available 24/7/365 to answer questions or initiate a free case evaluation.