Intune for Windows

Did you know you can manage your Windows devices in Microsoft Intune?

Intune for Windows is a configuration service that enables you to manage Windows 10 devices in Intune.

We analyze your GPOs, design appropriate policies, profiles and compliance rules and configure your Microsoft 365 environment.

Traditional management relies on the notion of a corporate domain with devices manually provisioned with an image and applications accessed over a VPN when working remotely.

This model breaks down when most people are working remotely, using cloud apps and frequent software updates are required.


Intune transforms the way Windows machines are provisioned, updated and managed

Our proven, three-step process is

  1. Design – We analyze your current configurations and policies to design a “golden profile.”

  2. Implement – We build policies, profiles and compliance rules in Microsoft Intune and configure Microsoft Autopilot.

  3. Transfer Knowledge – We deliver as-built documentation and perform training sessions with your Intune administrators so you can take over with confidence

Get increased visibility and actionable insights

With Intune for Windows, you’ll be able to take advantage of Endpoint Analytics. Get insights on compliant devices, scores on device health, and actions to take. Get the visibility you’ve always wanted for all your devices in a single pane of glass.

Intune for Windows brings modern device management capabilities

Every aspect of the device lifecycle can be performed remotely, from the initial out-of-box experience to the recycle bin at end-of-life. System Admins never need to see or touch a Windows device that is managed by Intune.

Windows 10 devices can be setup remotely with Zero-Touch Provisioning

Windows OS and applications can be updated remotely / off-campus

Cloud based policies, profiles and compliance rules for device management

Learn more about Intune for Windows

Hear from Terrence Brown, Senior Security Engineer, about how Microsoft Intune, a Microsoft Endpoint Manager technology, brings new capabilities to your company that reduce costs, increase security, and improve your employee experience.


ILC Dover adopts Intune for Windows and iOS

ILC Dover are engineers at their core and they develop innovative flexible containment solutions – including spacesuits! ILC Dover wanted to check their existing iOS Intune setup and wanted to pilot Intune for managing their Windows device fleet.

Traditional management is legacy

When you make the switch you will no longer need to

  • Manually provision new devices

  • Worry about deferred OS updates and security patches

  • Rebuild machines when employees leave

Microsoft 365 combines Intune, Windows 10 and Office 365 into a single license. This enables system administrators to use profile based management


Learn more about Intune for Windows

  • Manage Windows 10 like a smartphone

  • Watch our webinar

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