A Modern Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Your company deserves modern solutions, best-in-class security, and real-time solutions from a leading MSP.

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A Modern MSP with Frictionless IT Solutions

A modern managed service means security for all devices, including personal smartphones. It means live collaboration and no VPNs. It means passwordless authentication using biometrics and over-the air-updates, and zero-touch provisioning. It means live reports on tickets, response times, and resolution times. Your employees should be empowered to work from anywhere on any device, safely.

Modern Endpoint Management

Modern Endpoint Management is a modern managed service. We use the latest Microsoft technology to eliminate pain points like device setup time, password resets, and remote & hybrid work. Zero Trust Architecture is leveraged to keep your company safe from cyberattacks, ransomware, phishing, and malware.

Hybrid work is here to stay, and legacy IT is no longer fit for purpose. Have you updated your IT?

The world changed during the pandemic. Hybrid work is here to stay, and legacy IT is no longer fit for purpose. Why have a VPN tied back to on-prem network drives when half your workforce is remote? Why pay for server hardware when you can move everything into the cloud and just pay for usage? The challenge is many MSPs are not thought leaders and they haven’t stayed on top of the latest technologies. Worse, many rely on antiquated billing models that are negatively impacted when you move to the cloud. Some MSPs actively discourage modernizing because they will lose money, or they just don’t understand the technology.


Modern Endpoint Management is the digital transformation you’ve always wanted.

Hear from Terrence Brown, Senior Security Engineer, about how Microsoft Intune, a Microsoft Endpoint Manager technology, brings new capabilities to your company that reduce costs, increase security, and improve your employee experience.

ILC Dover adopts Intune for Windows and iOS

With Modern Endpoint Management you will be a first-class technology company.

  • Expect 25% fewer helpdesk calls from your users, with faster resolution times

  • Onboarding a new device takes minutes – not days

  • Use passwordless authentication for access to everything

  • Get access to all your files and resources on any device, from any location

  • Securely use email and view files on personal smartphones without compromising security

Under the hood, we implement a Zero Trust Architecture, drastically reducing your risk of breach, and limiting exposure if a breach occurs.

Zero Trust is the same security used by all US government departments; we implement the same security for you.

Leverage the expertise of Microsoft's Partner of the Year to accelerate Your IT

Visibility and Transparency

See real time data,approve changes, review KB articles, and assign tasks in our Customer Portal

25% Fewer Tickets, Better Experience

Eliminate password resets, VPN issues, lost files and other legacy ticket categories entirely

25% Fewer Tickets, Better Experience

Live chat, email, and phone access means users get issues resolved quickly, from anywhere

Security for ALL devices

Secure Windows, macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and Android devices - including personal devices

Better Quality through Pods

You’ll be assigned to a small team servicing similar customers - not a shared helpdesk

Work Anywhere on Any Device

Modern Management is born in the cloud so users can work how and where they want, safely

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