Mobile Forensics Service

Mobile Forensics Service

Tablets, smartphones and wearable devices permeate many aspects of work and home life. The information these handheld computers store are a valuable source of evidence in investigations related to civil litigation, criminal activity and business processes.

Our highly-qualified mobile forensic examiners at Secure Data Recovery Services are experts in applying state-of-the-art forensic technology to assist investigators in uncovering and preserving crucial evidence in such investigations.

Mobile vs. Computer Forensics

Although Mobile and Computer forensics share techniques in common, mobile forensics require additional tools and techniques due to the unique characteristics of mobile devices.

We don’t spend our lives in front of desktops or laptops – they travel with us as smartphones, wearables, and automotive systems. There may be no better witness to someone’s activities than the devices they bring with them.

Reduced Standardization in Mobile Devices

Hardware, storage media and interfaces are far less standardized than in the world of PCs. Mobile device manufacturers employ proprietary operating systems, file systems, services and peripherals far more than desktop or laptop manufacturers. The mobile world deploys a richer selection of apps to their phones or tablets than for PCs too. Such factors require our examiners to apply a larger set of specialized evidence search and extract techniques.