Digital Forensics Service

Digital Forensics Service

It’s no secret that computers have invaded every portion of our lives. As they become even more pervasive, identifying information pertinent to an investigation or litigation across all the possible devices and successfully decoding it before the information is replaced becomes more and more important.

It is rare that a private, civil, or criminal investigation does not target computers or mobile devices for evidence examination. These examinations require adherence to the same stringent rules as for any other type of evidence plus exceptional technical skill, technology tools, and investigative persistence.

Cloud2Networks Services digital forensics experts ensure that, regardless of the type of investigation, device or storage media, all relevant evidence is identified, gathered, analyzed and reported according to the highest professional standards.

Digital Forensics Cases

Our computer forensics capabilities are called upon to assist a wide variety of cases such as:

Cloud2Networks Recovery Services can gather and analyze evidence related to these cases and many more from any type of device or media including SIM cards, memory cards, peripherals, hard drives, SSDs, etc.