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We understand the struggles that come with keeping your network, your data, and your business safe – which is why we’ve created a free email alert system that will notify you of new threats that could damage your business. We’ll separate fact from fiction while giving you recommendations and guidance.


We’ll update you on dangerous new malware trends you should be on the lookout for.

Application Vulnerabilities

Receive alerts regarding application vulnerabilities and advice on how to mitigate the risk.


Stay informed on new scams that are getting harder to spot and becoming more believable every day.

Security Patches

Get notified of software or operating-system patches intended to correct vulnerabilities.

Security Awareness in Just 3 Steps


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Sign up to receive these cybersecurity notifications.


Step 2

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Step 3

Be safe & secure.

Say No to Cyber Criminals

These threats are not going anywhere anytime soon – they are only getting more and more sophisticated. Let’s band together and stop cyber criminals in their tracks!

Who Should Get These Notifications

Everyone! Anyone in your organization that will be affected, but feel free to pass the gift of security along to family and friends too.

Why We Care

We understand the importance of security threats and how complicated and overwhelming it can be to keep up with all the new threats to your business. It will never end and you have to be vigilant. We’re here to help your business grow, not watch it be compromised.

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